Analytical Laboratory


The laboratory of the Environmental Services Company is located in the company’s plant.
The laboratory is certified by the National Laboratory Accreditation Authority under the ISO/ IEC 17025 standard.
The laboratory conducts regular control of all of the chemical processes that are performed at the facilities of the plant and develops unique, advanced methods for treating waste. The laboratory confirms the receipt of waste at the plant, conducts checks for identification of the waste and establishes the manner of treatment that will be provided for it.
In addition, the laboratory provides services for third parties and places emphasis on quality and personal service for its customers. Our customers have a professional team available that has great experience and knowledge, and a high level operational ability for performing various chemical analyses.
The laboratory utilizes unique equipment and instrumentation that are some of the most advanced in the world, and provides for a wide range of chemical analyses.
The laboratory participates in international PT and PAT skill comparison tests.

For additional information:
Tel: 08-6503707