Information on environmental protection

Information on environmental protection within the Freedom of Information Law

The Environmental Services Company, which specializes in the provision of services in the environmental protection field, is committed to first rate environmental conduct at all levels and to minimizing the adverse effects on the environment.
The company provides the required ecological services and solutions for professional treatment of hazardous waste that is produced in the State of Israel.
All of the various, diverse activities of the company are carried out while strictly observing environmental protection and in full compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations in Israel.
The company operates extensively to reduce the emission, both to the air and the ground, of hazardous materials into the environment. The company ensures that control measurements are conducted at least once a year. These checks are performed by an independent external laboratory rather than at the laboratories of the company, in order to observe ethics rules.
The results of the checks are conveyed to all of the relevant parties, including enforcement agencies and company employees, and are available upon demand. If a check reveals a non-conformance to the required standard, it is dealt with immediately.

Chimney Monitoring
Monitoring of the plant’s chimney stacks are conducted in accordance with the conditions of the business license of the company, subject to an annual sampling plan, which is approved by the Ministry of the Environment and the Neot Hovav environmental unit. All of the chimney monitoring is performed by external companies, which have been qualified for this purpose by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority and by the Ministry of the Environment

The following links show the periodical findings: Inspection of central scrubber chimney at physico-chemical facility dated November 28, 2010.
Inspection of facilities’ chimneys of December 13, 2011.
Inspection of facilities – 2012
Inspection of facilities – 2013
Inspection of facilities – 2014
Inspection of facilities – 2015
Inspection of facilities – 2016

Occupational & Noise Monitoring
Occupational monitoring in the company’s facilities of dissolvents , metals , acids , dust , noise levels are carried out in accordance to the standards and instructions of the Department of Labor Supervision of the Ministry of Industry , Trade & Labor. All tests are carried out by external companies that have been qualified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority and by the Ministry of Industry , Trade & Labor.
In the following links you can see the periodical monitoring results :

Occupational Monitoring 2010
Occupational Monitoring 2011
Occupational Monitoring 2012
Occupational Monitoring 2013
Occupational Monitoring 2014
Occupational Monitoring 2015
Occupational Monitoring 2016