Goals and Vision

Company Vision

  • To Do Wonders for Sustainability

Company Mission

  • To be the leading supplier in Israel and worldwide of advanced and breakthrough environmental solutions.
  • To be a leading center for research and development, at the global front in environmental knowledge, to develop and implement global and national innovational technologies.
  • To attract and inspire exceptional human capital in all fields of the company’s activity.
  • To improve and protect the environment in Israel for society and future generations.
  • To be a role model, acting with responsibility and commitment to increase environmental awareness.

Company Values

  • Daring: The courage to take risks and question the familiar and known with the purpose of initiating fundamental change.
  • Leadership and Initiative: Attacking every challenge and creating a real time, exact solution. Continuously initiating ideas and activities with the purpose of improving and providing the company with unique and beneficial capabilities.
  • Discourse and Humility: Diligent learning and improvement via open and professional discourse, recognition of failure and acceptance of criticism from employees, clients and members of the community in which we operate.
  • Inclusion : Building a community with employees, clients, partners and environmental stakeholders in order to achieve a transverse and deep understanding of issues with the purpose of providing complete, excellent solutions.
  • Integrity : Transparency, reliability and uncompromising fairness towards our employees, clients, partners and the public.
  • Passion : Our motivation for progress is not competition based, rather a recognition of the importance of the environment and its significant contribution to the quality of our lives and the lives of our children.