From the CEO

The Environmental Services Company Ltd. is a commercial government company situated in the Neot Hovav Industrial Council. The company has been treating hazardous waste for three decades and for the past five years is the executive body for contaminated site remediation in Israel.

The company is dedicated to its position as leader in its field of hazardous waste treatment in Israel and, to this purpose invests resources in providing quality, advanced service to its many clients who constitute the backbone of industry in Israel in a wide range of activities.

We understand that in order to lead, we must pioneer the subject of environmental protection and be prepared to operate in accordance with regulations stricter than required. Thus, the Environmental Services Company is the first company in Israel certified to provide hazardous waste sampling services. The company invests in acquiring and operating advanced monitoring equipment, beyond the company emissions permit requirements, in the company plant stacks and carries out wide-ranging development activities with the purpose of widening the use of waste as raw materials and creating a wide-ranging industrial symbiosis.

The company provides treatment solutions for a very wide range of waste types. The company operates the only hazardous waste landfill in Israel, operates a stabilization solidification plant, a physico-chemical plant and, via a contractor, a hazardous waste thermal incineration plant. In addition, the company has a progressive analytical laboratory with a range of certifications some of which are also exclusive.

The company invests in improving the existing plants and their capabilities. However, we do not stop there and have commenced a process to examine technologies that would act as the infrastructure for future treatments for the Israeli industry requirements. We aspire to provide quality, advanced service to company clients and implement our strategic vision of building an advanced national infrastructure for environmental protection.

As part of our wider vision as the national leader for environmental protection services, the company became the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection executive body in the field of contaminated land and landfill remediation. The company, which carried out in the last decade at its site the largest and most complex remediation project to-date in Israel, has in recent years successfully remediated approx. 600 acres for residential purposes in high-demand regions. In the coming two years we expect to double this achievement and thus contribute both to environmental protection by site remediation and to the national effort to decrease housing costs.

We are currently discussing the possibility of expanding the activities of the company national executive body to include various, additional environmental protection activities, and we hope that when these plans come to fruition, the company will harness its range of capabilities to additional sustainability and environmental areas and will constitute an invaluable partner to the Ministry of Environmental Protection by achieving its aims in various areas.
The company aspires to reach its aims, while operating meticulously for transparency to the Israeli public and continuing our dialogue with our wide range of stakeholders in the field of environmental protection, while advancing and cultivating our company employees who are the principle and central company asset enabling our wide range of activities and the realization of our progressive company vision.